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Custom GPT Creation: Build Your Own AI

Custom GPT Creation: Build Your Own AI

Last Updated : June 4, 2024
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About Course

To create and store custom GPTs, upgrade to a GPT Plus or Team account. A Plus account suits individual creators, while a Team account is ideal for collaboration, allowing you to share GPTs in a workspace.

Course Content

Using a Plus Account

  • Using a Plus Account


GPT Store

Pre Creation Stage

GPT Limits

Start the GPT Builder Process

Help From Open AI

Roles and Goals

The Clarification Questions

GPT Playground

GPT Builder Refinements

The Configure Tab

Uploading Documents and Instructions

Changing the Name on Your Custom GPT

Domain Name Verification

Saving Your GPT To the Explore Area

GPT Inventory Management

Help From Actions GPT to Add an API To Your GPT

Improving Your Model with the Builder Create Tab

Optimization Should You Focus Your GPT On It

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